Training, Mentoring & Consulting - Enter Worship
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Train­ing, Mentor­ing & Consult­ing



Mentorship & Consultation


We offer Musicianship, Vocal, Production (Sound, Lighting & Media) and Songwriting Workshops.
Workshops are always a combination of the theoretical and the practical, and are tailored to your church’s specific needs.

Here are a few examples of what we could cover, but it is certainly not limited to this — it is all dependent on what your team needs.

Music and Song

1. Developing The Art of Listening
2. Tuning, Timing & Tone
3. Stage Presence – Presentation for the Glory of God
4. Music Directing 101
5. Music Theory 101

1. Breathing & Warm Ups
2. Tone Vs Breath: Vowel Shaping, Blending and Dynamics
3. Stage Presence: Connection, Expression and Microphone Technique
4. Ear Training 101
5. Worship Leading: Vision and Logistics (Timing, Dynamics, Signalling, Improv)

1. Composing Music
2. Lyric Writing (story-telling, painting a picture, imagery, parallelism)
3. Writing for a Congregation
4. Co-writing
5. Copyright

Production — Sound, Lighting & Media

1. Basic Concepts in Sound Theory and Acoustics
2. The 5 Building Blocks of a Sound System
3. Applications and Purpose of Sound Equipment to Church Operations
4. Work Health & Safety in a Church Environment – Does it Apply to Me?
5. Team Building for the Production Ministry

1. Basic Lighting for Church Stage Design Applications
2. Lighting Fixtures and Their Applications
3. Intelligent v Static v LED Lighting Fixtures
4. Lighting Control and Control Desk Communications
5. Rigging and Truss Design

Media Presentation Systems:
1. Computer Projection for Multimedia Presentations in the Church Environment
2. Screens, Projectors, Computers and Software Basics
3. How to Put it All Together
4. Working With the Graphic Design Team to Make the Presentation Look Great
5. Aspect Ratio and Resolution – What Does it All Mean?


Do you have trouble getting people to weekly rehearsals?
We can help revitalise your rehearsals and give tips on how to make it worth everyone’s while!
We do this through observation and consultation and/or running rehearsals with your team.


We offer one-off consultations or ongoing mentorship, depending on your church’s needs. You may have a new worship leader in your team who needs ongoing support, or a new leader of a department who would benefit from ongoing leadership advice. This is where mentorship would be beneficial. On the other hand, you may just need some initial advice to get you going in the direction you feel called to go. In this case, we would do a one-off consultation, and if, down the track, you felt you needed more advice, we could book in another consultation.