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Admin­istration Services


Planning Centre Online


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Booking Worship Teams & Artists/Bands

Planning Centre Online (PCO)

Are you frustrated with trying to manage a filing cabinet full of songs, charts, lead sheets, in different keys, and multiple copies?

Chrissie Pearce has used PCO for around 5 years. PCO is a web-based system which allows you to “schedule your teams, manage your music, and revolutionise the way you plan your worship services”.

After discovering how effective PCO was for a small church, Chrissie implemented PCO for her own church, with a team of around 100 members, and they have never looked back!

Chrissie can implement PCO, implement & maintain PCO, or help you implement PCO for your church and train your people in its use.

Find out more about PCO here:

NOTE: Although Chrissie recommends and uses PCO, she has no affiliation with the company, nor does she receive any monetary incentives for its use. 


Are you tired of the time and cost of burning copies of your sermons onto CDs?

With so many people having smart phones and being able to subscribe to their favourite podcast, we recommend turning your sermon into a podcast for your church to subscribe to…and we can help you do it!

Booking Worship Teams & Artists/Bands

Having a team who serve every week is amazing, however, sometimes they need a break.

Enter Worship has a number of experienced worship leaders and musicians who can lead worship for your church to give your team a rest or a weekend off!

We can also provide artists and bands for special events.